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MR.BROWN Coffee Drinks are mega delicious coffee-milk mixtures. They are perfectly suited as a pick-me-up and ideal coffee-to-go companion.


MR.BROWN aufblasbares Outdoor Air Sofa!

Der Sommer kommt! Jetzt kannst du ganz entspannt mit einem MR.BROWN-Coffee Drink auf dem praktischen & coolen MR.BROWN Air Sofa chillen. Wo würdest du es nutzen und welchen Coffee Drink dazu genießen?Produktion: Pixelpunkt.netKameramann und Regie: Shewan ArtSchnitt: PIXELPUNKTModel: Dominic BrenneckeMusic: Perfect Getaway by Vincent ToneLocation: Halle Mensch

Gepostet von MR. BROWN Coffee-Drink am Montag, 27. Februar 2017


MR.BROWN Germany


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MR.BROWN’s Internet presence, social media presence and promotional campaigns are intended to show the lifestyle of the target group, to which coffee drinks in cans or cups are perfectly suited. MR.BROWN offers various coffee-milk blends, which correspond to the consumer behaviour of the zeitgeist and are often consumed by a mostly younger audience. On the basis of these principles, a concept must be developed in which the appropriate web design, photos and videos as well as a convincing corporate design provide an attractive overall image for a successful website.

Responsive Webdesign adapts the design to the screens of smartphones, tablets and computer desktops. In addition to a relaunch of the old website, which is given a modern design adapted to the target group and user-friendly navigation, the social media presence is also optimized. Colourful, lively, relaxed imagery conveys a positive attitude to life. In addition to various marketing measures such as sweepstakes, MR-BROWN also offers the ideal marketing instrument sampling in the form of an annual roadshow.

Art Direction & Webdesign

In addition to a structured navigation concept suitable for the various product offerings, the clear display of the various content elements after the relaunch makes it easier for customers to find the individual products and special campaigns quickly. The uncomplicated operation of the website reflects the attitude to life of the young and active target group through a cool and exciting content mix, the fonts, the bright colours, photos and videos that perfectly fit the corporate culture.





Web development with WordPress and social media

For a successful lifestyle brand like MR.BROWN, vivid, colorful imagery that expresses a positive attitude to life is important. MR.BROWN has developed a coherent visual language and world of images. These are also ideal for social media. They present a modern company aimed at their target group, which presents an attractive web experience to the predominantly young users through various visual design details, photos and videos and encourages them to buy coffee drinks. The web programming was implemented with Word Press.

online marketing

The most beautiful website is useless if it is not found. The target group must be reached and feel addressed. The products must find buyers and an increase in turnover should also be achieved. Various online marketing measures in the areas of advertising, social media, SEO and successful campaigns in the event marketing sector, such as competitions, sampling and road shows with the Coffee Mobil, help to achieve this.

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