WHO’S PERFECT – Graphic design, editorial design and web design

WHO’S PERFECT is the address for Italian designer furniture representing modern and urban lifestyle.




art direction, web design, editorial design, corporate design

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Astrid Oedekoven from PIXELPUNKT has been with the company for over 13 years. WHO’S PERFECT needed an unmistakable face for the positioning of the brand in the various advertising channels. This for the target group online and offline. During the further development towards a brand, concepts and strategies had to be developed and implemented in the various multimedia areas.

In a responsible in-house position and in cooperation with the agency NANOMEDIA, she oversaw the website of WHO’S PERFECT and relaunched it several times. With her design guidelines, she has made a major contribution to the branding of the brand. In addition, all print advertising media such as catalogues and editorial design, customer mailings, posters and advertisements as well as the dispatch of newsletters were created.

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